.Y. Quote Read the read between lines and sense the sense in sentences rethink the thoughts of your thinking Yffie
.Y. Yffie Quote - One day I will grow up Until that day You will have to excuse me
.Y. quote - Great minds know little -Yffie
.Y. Quote - No one is special just unique - Yffie
.Y. Quote - Only if we could overlook our knowledge we might be able to understand what we already know - Yffie Inspirational, life quotes, think, philosophy
.Y. quote - if we knew nothing, we would know a lot more - Yffie Quotation, knowledge, mindset, saying, Inspirational, life , think, philosophy
.Y. Quote - People tend to forget that all we know is made up - Yffie Inspirational, life quotes, think, philosophy
.Y. Quote "You can judge my word, not my story" - Yffie quotation lifequotes mindset thinking judging respect quoteoftheday understanding philosophy


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