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.Y. quote i have got the rhythm but i aint got the moves-Yffie


We all got a sound that moves us. So do.Y.

A short list of my favorite, young and talented musicians. Various genres, from “hard” Rock and Roll to “soft” jazzy blues, from old waves to new dance. Whatever is in the name… it is the intense chills you get from a sound or performance of a particular band or artist. With their own style, sound or passion they have to move you and that’s what music is all about.

Below  a  few likes of many …


Thet Gathering – Anneke van Giersbergen

a voice for tears and a sound for comfort

This would be my best describtion for the song : You learn about it.

Rescue me adds a heavier sound to the great vocal of Anneke


The Blind Roofers

The Blind Roofers

Young and very talented Dutch band. A new jacket for classic rock. Great play and vocal.

Clips from their debut album : Lost in Wander





Watched them live a few times and they keep banging my head and moving my feet.

Great guys, clean Rock and Roll and fantastic performance. Watch and judge!

The “Child in Time” cover shows their talent at it’s best, but there is more…


Jett Rebel

Jett Rebel – Dutch Artist and GREAT performer(s)

Clip from album : Truck – It’s Cruel 

for a Full concert

Death Alley

Dutch Rockband Death Alley

– Supernatural Predator

Music to keep you on the fast lane, take a slow turn and speed up again. 15 minutes of Rock as it should be.

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