“Sense the sense in sentences”


Welcome to my website.

A website for expressing my own creativity and mindset on things in life, without claiming to be the best in what you see or to be a truth in what you read … It’s my wisdom in its own stupidity … so to speak.

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“I am looking for”

Notes for Daily Quotes

Everyday brings something new. It’s the tragedy and the beauty of our life.

As I notice, it’s the emotion that speaks




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“It’s easy to quote, it’s harder to understand”

Quotes and Expressions for another thinking.

One passion is to play with language and the deeper meaning or double entendre it gives to a sentence or saying. Inspiration comes from contradicting or conflicting words and the absurdity of language in all its possibilities. Another motivation is to reflect another thinking to someones thinking. In my vision, many people are blinded by their own belief and therefor limited to think in just one direction. What I quotes are just small fractions of a philosophy and vision on things and thoughts in life. What you read is your own interpretation.

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Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Life Quotes, Love Quotes, Funny Quotes, Business quotes, about Religion, knowledge, wisdom, prejudice and truth.


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“Imagine an image”

I can draw a line, if I can picture it



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“read the read between lines”

A long story short.

Poetry, poem, prose, rhyme, fairytale or riddle …

I don’t know and I probably don’t wanna know. Sometimes, I just like to ramble.

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